ICE is a non-profit civil society organization created in 1999 by businessmen and businesswomen, investors and philanthropists. Deeply committed to social innovation we aim at social inclusion and poverty reduction in Brazil.

Since 2012, ICE´s strategic focus is to foster and strengthen the national impact investment and impact business ecosystem.

How do we do it?

Providing impact-focused training for professionals from startup incubators, accelerators and organizations that support entrepreneurs

Supporting a national network of academics who teach, research and develop extension projects in this field

Investing in early-stage impact businesses and sharing learnings to influence and encourage other investors

Collaborating with large companies, development banks, multilateral agencies and private foundations interested in being part of this ecosystem

Sponsoring projects from other backbone organizations

Producing or sponsoring content about impact investments and businesses

We believe that business can solve social and environmental problems.

Between 2014 and 2020, we allocated BRL 7.6 million to the Brazilian impact ecosystem with our own resources and mobilizing partners to co-invest. We also engaged in efforts to create a national policy for impact investments and businesses.

Now we are implementing a coalition for more and better impact businesses in different regions of Brazil. By 2026, we will invest BRL 29 million to foster local ecosystems and backbone organizations.


Aliança pelo Impacto

The Alliance for Impact Investment and Impact Businesses is the National Advisory Board for the Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG) in Brazil. The Alliance convenes strategic organizations to foster the ecosystem and supports solutions for its challenges.

Academia ICE

Aimed to support and foster teaching, research and extension projects in innovation and social entrepreneurship, impact investments and impact businesses, currently engages over 100 professors and 70 higher education institutions.

Coalizão pelo Impacto

A pact to create impact ecosystems in six different cities - Belém, Fortaleza, Brasília, Campinas, Paranaguá and Porto Alegre - from Brazil´s five regions to strengthen and scale up impact investments and impact businesses regionally.

Elos de Impacto

Delivers capacity building courses, research and special content to organizations that support impact entrepreneurs. The program also allocates seed grants to their projects.

Investimentos de Impacto

Monitors the performance and impact of 14 businesses invested by the ICE-IDB partnership. The program manages a portfolio of investments in innovative financial instruments, systematizes and shares information about investors´ impact management practices in the Brazilian ecosystem.